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The 18 Best Instagram Accounts for Logo Design Inspiration

With the massive amount of logos, hashtags and accounts vying for our attention on Instagram, it’s tough to cut through the noise and distinguish the top accounts worth following. After combing through hundreds of logo curation profiles, here is the best of the best when it comes to finding the best logo inspiration on Instagram.

Top Curated Accounts for Logo Designers to Follow on Instagram

As you look through the accounts listed below, be sure to reach out to these top-notch logo curation platforms for your shot at having your own logo design work featured. Need another boost of recognition? Check us out and enter your best logos into the latest “Wave” for a shot at $1,000.00 and the crystal trophy.

Without further ado, here are the 18 best Instagram profiles to follow for logo inspiration:


Instagram Followers: 1.2M+

Logoinspirations is a top-tier, curated logo platform featuring and recognizing the very best logo design talent from around the world. They have a huge audience of 1,200,000+ followers and counting, making it the largest logo curation profile on Instagram. The overall feel of the page is so vibrant and colorful that the “Follow” button seems to be magnetic and inevitable.


Instagram Followers: 215k+

Logo New has an inspiring range of logos showing everything from logo process, to grids and real-life application. With a bent towards more illustrative posts, this curation of premier design work is a can’t-miss for any logo designer.


Instagram Followers: 74k+

The life and energy put into Logo Awesome really draws you in from the onset. Their Instagram account is meticulously curated to show only the best of the best.


Instagram Followers: 26k+

It’s obvious that logoinspire doesn’t accept just any logos that designers send their way. The care and attention to detail for the quality of design work being recognized is among the best in the space.


Instagram Followers: 99k+

This eye-catching gallery of logo design work has a prime mix of illustrative characters with bold color. A first-rate source of creative inspiration and beautiful logos.


Instagram Followers: 167k+

Logolearn is all about the look behind the curtain. Truly mesmerizing logo grids and sketches fill up their profile to help encourage and inspire designers just starting out, all the way up to those seasoned vets.


Instagram Followers: 449k+

There’s always a reason why an Instagram account blows up to more than 449,000 followers. With each post ranging from 2k-6k likes, they have an engaged audience who appreciates the fantastic logo designs they continue to feature.



Instagram Followers: 1.7k+

Here’s a new, exciting logo curation account run by the king of gradients, Jeroen van Eerden. Jeroen posts carefully curate a superior gallery of his favorite logos while taking on the suggestions of his audience. A profile worth following today.


Instagram Followers: 124k+ knows exactly who they are as a brand. It’s impressive how they’ve stayed true to who they are with a brave, neutral mashup of logos ranging from badges, to line art and whimsical pieces. Nothing cliche going on here.


Instagram Followers: 210k+

It’s pretty interesting to look back and see the journey of the logosinspiration brand. Starting out with color logos, they moved to primary black and white logos, then color, black background, to now posting questions and interacting with their large following.



Instagram Followers: 40k+

With a clean profile showing a refreshing mix of black and white logos with pops of full color examples, logoexcellent has a diverse range of logos that will inspire any designer wanting to level up their creative craft.



Instagram Followers: 46k+

Bold, free-flowing, and engaging are the first words that comes to mind with logolemon. Their stunning compilation of logos has an energetic feel that makes them distinctive from their logo curation counterparts.



Instagram Followers: 73k+

With daily design inspiration, this curated melting pot of design work is worth a look. The stunning level of creativity includes a refreshing span of design categories including logo design, branding, visual identity, packaging and much more.

Graphic Designer Group Instagram Page


Instagram Followers: 2.3k+

Logoselect is a newer player in the logo curation space that will only continue to grow. They have a clean profile with a nice blend of highlighting the design process/grids with the finished product.



Instagram Followers: 19k+

This is a club you’ll want to be a part of. Logodesignersclub tends to get around 400-500 likes per post–impressive numbers considering their 19k+ following. Their high engagement is a true testament to the first-class gallery of logos they continue to feature.

logodesignersclub on Instagram


Instagram Followers: 51k+

It can be nice to have some structure to an Instagram page. Logomovement is no exception as they’ve effectively posted 2 “on dark” logos, then 1 “on light” logo for a long time. A nice little profile for some added inspiration.

logomovement Instagram account


Instagram Followers: 6.6k+

Logodose is a differentiated Instagram account to say the least. Highlighting top-notch logos and logo grids is one thing, but niching in with white logos on a black background? Now that’s impressive (and makes for an awesome looking profile that’s very followable).

Instagram profile for logodose


Instagram Followers: 2.7k+

Much the opposite of its logodose counterpart, logodesignlovers displays a curated profile of only black on white logos. The talented designers featured on this one is top-tier to say the least.

Curated Instagram logo profile logodesignlovers


Instagram Followers: 780+

Logosave has a colorful, spirited feel with an engaged following. As a bit of a underdog of this list, the high quality logos they continue to curate coupled with their already involved audience will no doubt help take them to sustained growth.

logosave featured logo profile

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